Welcome to Official Website of Eagle. I am a guy who outsmarted development on android!


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Hey there, I am Eagle a frontend as well as backend developer. I am still learning new ways to create effective projects. I have knowledge of Html, Css and JavaScript and Nodejs and currently practicing projects on android.

My skills and knowledge

Nodejs developer

Website developer

Discord server designer

Discord Bot developer

My Projects

Some Projects done
by me

Era Utilities

Era Utilities Bot

A multipurpose custom discord bot ...

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Yokami Era Project

Yokami Era Website

Hi guys today I have created a ...

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Chatbot Project

Discord Chatbot Project

Hi guys today I have created a ...

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Frequently Asked

Which apps you use to code on android?

I actually use many apps to get a comfortable development environment around myself. For nodejs and JavaScript projects I use Acode: premium, for web development I use code editor by rythm studios and for terminal I use Termux.

From where did you learn coding?

I learned coding from internet. I use to read docs, tutorials and few blogs related to coding. Also while starting I learned basics from YouTube (code with harry) and then I readed and gained more info about a specific language from w3 school and MDN docs.

What happened to Eagle SMP?

Eagle SMP was actually shutted down about 3 months ago. The reason behind this was that I as a owner wasn't getting enough time to maintain server and fix glitches and all. Also it isn't coming back!

How can I host my websites for free?

There are many ways to do that, but my most use service is Netlify. Netlify actually offers us the best services according to my experience while using it.


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